My family! [Portland, Oregon Family Photographer]

Yep!  I get to claim every single one of these folks.:)  Let me break it down for ya, cousin-in-law, second-cousin, cousin, second-cousin, uncle, aunt (and also my mom’s BFF!), second-cousin, cousin (and life long bosom buddy), second-cousin, cousin-in-law.  Did you keep track? 😉  I have been loved on and blessed by these people more than one blog post can contain, but let me try anyway.  From left to right: fixed my car while husband was in Afghanistan, gives me the best baby boy hand-me-downs, shares spiritual wisdom, helped clean my dirty old house before I gave keys to new owner (among many other things!), makes me things and friend for life, helped paint my two story house, loved me, fed me, and loved me some more.  Not sure where I’d be without them! 😉  Scroll down to see copious amounts of gorgeous photos and my smiling mug at the end.