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“Big girl” Legos.View full post »

Andrea Hartman Photography


Thirty weeks and one day of baby boy.View full post »

Andrea Hartman Photography


So, here’s my photographer fail, I’ll just let it all hang out for you.  First of all, confession time:View full post »


Well, I was trying for a 30 week selfie, but I got this instead.  I had to scold the little one to keep her paws offView full post »


Do you have a strong-willed child?  Yep, me too.  She is challenging at nearly every pass, but it’s a ride IView full post »


I had been wanting to photograph little-miss-two-year-old’s feet for some time, but couldn’t quite figureView full post »


Peeking through, at my sweet little beauty. The upside of a 365 is it allows for more opportunity to explore creativeView full post »


Well, as my dear husband said, “this about sums up the weekend.”  Vomiting, hospitalization, and lots ofView full post »


I always keep my camera handy, in an accessible place because I love to sneak pictures like this.  When I see themView full post »