Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Salem Oregon Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions can be up to 3 hours long, as we will often take breaks for nursing/feeding to keep baby pampered and happy.  We will move at his or her pace, but there are a few things you can do ahead of time to help us work efficiently.

Please turn up the temperature in your house up before I arrive.  Young babies can’t regulate their temperature very well yet, so the warmer they are the more likely they are to be sleepy and content.  Note: Expect to be pretty warm with the increased temperature.  If you’re too hot, you’re doing it right. :)  I will try and take parent photos right away before you get too sweaty. 😉

WARDROBE:  Baby will be photographed in the simple and soft-toned wraps I bring with me.  For family members who will be featured with baby the best bet is to keep it simple.  Wear neutrals and avoid bold, patterns and colors, we want baby to be the focus.  White is less than ideal because it is bright and reflects a lot of light, and can easily lose detail in a photograph. Creams and muted tones are a better alternative.  Color can work beautifully, just keep in mind the tones and shades in the nursery, and the places in the house we will be likely photographing.  (Family photos are often done on the parents’ bed.) Please feel free to ask more questions about wardrobe if you have them.  I am happy to help!

Let’s have fun! The more relaxed we are the more relaxed baby will be.