What to Wear

Andrea Hartman PhotographyHands down, the number one question I am asked, when it comes to preparing for a photo shoot, is, “how should we dress?”

The most important thing – wear what you love and feel good in it. And I am not talking about your favorite yoga pants.  I am talking about those boots that you feel like you can rule the world in, that top you reach for time and time again in your closet because you love the way you feel in it, or that summer dress that makes your heart sing.

The key is to coordinate; coordinating your outfits shows that you are a group. A family. You belong together. Let’s be clear that this doesn’t mean everyone should match! Instead, think about the style of clothes, and coordinate that. Choose colors that complement each other. Pick similar tones, colors in the same family, or colors that contrast and complement. Lay out all your outfits, and see if they look nice together!  It is okay, even welcome, to mix patterns and prints, just make sure they are in a similar color family, and that they don’t compete (ie. one should be bolder, and the other less bold).  You may also want to take into consideration how these photos will look on your wall.  Is there a color pallet in your living room or home that you want to play into with your wardrobe selection.

Consider your location. Urban locations lend themselves to a variety of looks, but if we are meeting at a beautiful state park, you might look out of place in slacks and fine jewelry. As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid lots of white, screen/character prints, or athletic shoes. For ideas on color combos and outfit inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards.  You can even send me an email or text, and we can work on your wardrobe together.  It may seem like a small detail, but it’s important to make time to plan for your wardrobe – the right clothes will give just the right finishing touch to your photos.